The History of Maple Crest

For nearly 70 years Maple Crest Health Center has been serving the needs of seniors in and around Omaha. Founded in 1948 by Rev. R.E. Cody, President of Northwest Baptist Home Society, Maple Crest first opened in a residential house on North 31st Avenue in Omaha. The facility was known as the Jonas Baptist Home, after Dr. A.F. Jonas, the owner of the property at that time. Then, in 1959 the Baptist Home was relocated to the Hattie B. Munroe Children’s Home, on 2824 North 66th Avenue, Maple Crest’s present location. This move would mark the beginning of the Maple Crest we know today.

Between the years of 1965 and 1967 a major expansion project was launched adding two wings to the growing community. In 1974 a second stage of expansion, on the main level, created the East and West wings of Benson Terrace. In 1976, shortly after the expansion was complete, the name was changed to Maple Crest Care Center, to embrace a larger sense of community and ensure seniors of all denominations, not just those affiliated with the church, were made to feel welcome and cared for. This series of projects, along with other smaller modifications shaped the modern day Maple Crest.

Donor Generosity Helps Maple Crest Grow

In 1976 Maple Crest also saw the additional of a Chapel, to help the community continue to grow and meet the spiritual needs of residents. The Maple Crest Chapel was created largely through a major donation from the Gangwish family of Gibbon, NE, in honor of Mr. and Mrs. Carl Gangwish Sr. In 1994 a beautiful solarium was added onto Maple Crest’s lower level and dining area, through the generosity of Viola Chase, a longtime resident of the Maple Crest condominiums. And in 1997, through the benevolence of Ms. Chase, an extension was made to the Peterson lounge, adding much needed common space for families and residents to enjoy time together.

Expansion Continues In 2012

In 2012 Maple Crest began the latest in a series of redevelopment projects to expand the programs and enhance the community environment to meet the changing of residents and the greater community.  The renovations included the creating a brand new short-term rehabilitation center on the top floor of the community. The recently completed rehab center offer physical, occupational and speech therapy and accepts residents using Medicare insurance plan.

In 2015, to meet the increasing demand for memory care, Maple Crest renovated and expanded the memory care center on Maple Crest’s lower lever. The new memory care center provides residents who have a diagnosis of dementia or Alzheimer’s, with a safe and secure area and gives families “Peace of Mind” knowing loved ones are safe and secure.

Additional changes throughout the community include a major renovation of resident rooms, the Chapel, hallways and common areas, all designed to create a community we are proud to call home.

Our Tradition Lives On

Throughout the years there have been significant changes to Maple Crest; from moving locations to building new wings. Through it all one standard has remained unchanged; embracing our Mission, “to create Christian communities that empower older adults and provide choices for housing services and technology that enrich body mind and spirit.”