Maple Crest currently has active cases of COVID-19 cases within the facility. Visitation has not been restricted. Click here for more information.
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At Maple Crest we know staying healthy and active is a priority for seniors and for most, the key to successful aging. Understanding and believing strongly in the correlation between health and successful aging led us to develop our program based on the leaders in the senior wellness industry, Age Dynamics.

Wellness is a process for life growth that integrates the mind, body and spirit throughout life’s journey. It’s the blending and balancing of physical, social, mental, emotional, spiritual, and environmental dimensions of wellness to promote and improve one’s health and quality of life. More simply stated, what you do, think and believe has an impact on your health and well being.

At Maple Crest, we’ve integrated wellness as a critical component in maintaining an active, healthy, and full lifestyle. It’s a part of all we do.