Maple Crest currently has active COVID cases. Please restrict your visits if you have been in contact with COVID or if you are having any illness symptoms. We will provide PPE to those who would like to visit. Masks are required for visitors currently.
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Maple Crest Health Center Awarded a 4-Star Quality Rating

Maple Crest Health Center has been awarded a 4-Star quality rating by the U.S. Center for Medicaid and Medicare Services (

Maple Crest Health Center’s four-star rating is a reflection on the staff and their endless dedication to the best healthcare practices.   Furthermore, nursing homes with four stars are considered to be “above average” in quality; the rating collectively reports on three categories: Staffing Levels, Quality Measures and Health Inspection.

Staffing:  Which was based on the average number of hours per day of care received per resident from registered nurses, licensed practical nurses, licensed vocational nurses and certified nurse assistants.

Medical Care Quality Measures: The percentages of residents who got recommended care such as flu vaccinations and percentages who had care-related problems such as pain, bedsores and urinary tract infections.

Health Inspection and Complaints: Which shows how well they met health and safety standards for food preparation and other activities in the latest three state inspections. Such inspections are conducted at least every 15 months. This also includes results of consumer complaint investigations.

Shanna Eckberg, Chief Operating Officer at ABHM (American Baptist Homes of the Midwest), Maple Crest’s parent company, states “achieving this level of excellence clearly illustrates Maple Crest’s dedication and commitment to delivering superior service to residents in the Omaha metropolitan area.”

The Centers for Medicare and Medicaid Services ranks all US nursing homes.  The Five-Star Quality Rating System is designed to help consumers, their families, and caregivers compare nursing homes more easily and to identify areas where questions are commonly asked.